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Wow – you’re getting married!!! Congratulations! I know that you’ve a lot of things to organise for your wedding and your wedding check list is long and never ending. Our No Worries wedding services will keep the wedding photography, simple and delightful for you. For your big day, we will leave no stone unturned to provide you lasting and memorable memories.

We offer Wedding Services with a choice of Ala-Carte Services and Wedding Packages , these are starting points for us to customize your Wedding Service Package.

Each wedding is unique and needs to be planned in detail. Planning is the king!. And I prefer to have  conversations, they are fun, open, where everything is possible. So give me a call!


Ala- Carte Services:

Ala-Carte Services provides you a list of services with well defined scope (like a menu list) and you can choose the items that you would like us to be associated for. These services are useful for out station customers as it gives them the flexibility of using local talent and our services in a cost effective manner.

The Ala Carte Services provided are in the areas of Still Photography as follows:

•Candid Wedding

•Candid Reception

•Candid Bridal Make Up:

•Events like Cock Tails, Engagement, Mehndi, Haldi, etc.

•Couple Shoot and photo essays


Wedding Packages:

Based on our experience we have designed Wedding Packages with the objective of maximizing value and build a platform for better photography and ease of use. These wedding packages are not rigid and sacrosanct but as starting points to help us build your own customized wedding plan.

Our packages broadly combine following services..

1. Still Photography delivered by myself and our-team of talented photographers

2. HD Video Photography: We work with our partners for equipment’s like Cranes, Mixers etc. and videographers

3. Production Services for Still & Video is delivered through our in-house Avatar Studio. Avatar Studio provides the services of Studio Infrastructure, Album Design, Retouch, Video Editing, Video Highlights, Rendering etc.


Contact me for Price details!

Package NameDetails
Deep & WideAn excellent value proposition which covers your still wedding photography requirements completely. For Bangalore based couples it provides the right pace. Deep & Wide includes still Photography coverage for four events which are 1. Wedding 2. Reception 3. An Allied Event & Candid Couple Shoot . Two 12X24 Albums.
Deep & Wide+An excellent value proposition which covers your complete wedding photography requirements. For Bangalore based couples it provides the right pace. deep & Wide+ includes Deep And Wide plus HD Videography for Wedding & Reception. Two 12X24 Albums & Video with highlights
Fashion PassionIncludes Bridal Makup & Couple Soot during Wedding & Candid/Fashion Couple Shoot at our Studio/Outdoors
CelebrationsCelebrations is very well suited for people travelling from foreign locations to India and having limited time in Bangalore. The package includes still photography coverage for two events i.e. Wedding & Reception . Two 12X24 Albums.
Celebrations+Includes Celebrations plus HD Videography for Wedding and Reception
Make My DayIncludes a shoot of your Wedding day starting with the bridal makeup till the vidai. Also includes a couple shoot. One 12X24 Album
Make My Day+Make my Day + HD Video for Wedding