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Creativity Workshop provides you insights into the six-phase creativity model created by me. Once you learn to choose and use each phase appropriately, along with its unique tools and mindsets, you will begin to realize your full creative potential. You will learn not to expend your energy and resources by needlessly reacting to those around you and your circumstances. The workshop shows you how to express your unique talents and nature through creative action.

At the Workshop you will:

Understand the creativity model

Recognize your unique, personal Creativity style

Generate free flowing ideas by learning tools for improvisation

Learn techniques to identify ideas you will work upon and evaluate progress

Develop self-belief to work on your ideas wholeheartedly

Photography Workshops:

1. Fundamentals Of DSLR photography: Helps you to understand your DSLR camera inside out, in terms of its functions, buttons etc.

2. Lighting And Modifiers :  Is aimed at providing hands on experience with using various light sources like Strobe lights,Flash lights or Natural light. We also help you to understand lighting ratios, light metering, colour correction, compositional details, sculpting with light etc.

Keep visiting our Blog and do contact us if you are interested in Learning with us.

In case, you have specific topics of interest say Flash Photography, Studio Lighting, Posing Techniques, etc., please do tell us and we will inform you of our upcoming workshops or blogs featuring those topics.