Sanjeev Mathu Photography is about delivering consistent high quality imagery using creative photographic principles and techniques.

Avatar Studios is a 2000 sq ft studio that hosts Sanjeev Mathu Photography. The intent of the studio is to bring world class photography techniques and lighting concepts to the Indian context of weddings, events and portraits. Towards this, Sanjeev Mathu has developed a photography workflow built on the principles of creativity and technology viz. “THINK IT! LIGHT IT! SHOOT IT! PRODUCE IT!”.

Think It
Focuses on building the right photo composition using lines, shapes, textures. This technique takes into account different forms of art, paintings and photography as also the evolution of art over time. The output of this stage is defining the compositional details of the photograph that will enhance the subject suitably in terms of beauty, drama and action.

Light It
This stage of the workflow is focused on sculpting the composition with light using light shaping, bending and diffusing tools like strobes, diffusers, grids, doors, meters etc. The output of this stage is the ability to create complex world class lighting scenarios using tools, laws of physics and experience.

Shoot It
The “Click” is a sacred moment of freezing time. Cameras don’t make pictures – people do. However, equipment, techniques and skills of the photographer are important to enhance moments. Sanjeev Mathu Photography uses world class equipment: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 60D, Canon 85 L1.2 Lens, Canon 24-70 f2.8 L, Canon 70-200 L IS, Canon 50mm 1.2 L, etc.

Produce It
This step is focused on post production and the actual output. Sanjeev Mathu Photography uses Apple desktops, Wacom Tablet and various software tools like Adobe Photoshop for this. Trained by International professionals of the likes of Scott Kelby, Kevin Hollywood, Frank Doorhof etc. SanjeevMathu Photography received the award for Best Photo Of The Month from an Italian Website in 2012.

Sanjeev’s strength is his passion and single-minded devotion to all that he undertakes, be it academics, sports or at the workplace. His academic excellence, including a State Rank in the XIIth Board, ensured him a place in Tier 1 institutions, from a Mechanical Engineering Degree in NIT followed by an MBA in Marketing. He was also the state Table Tennis Champion for Kashmir. He spent two decades in the IT Industry in marquee companies as Wipro, Reliance and HCL. He has a strong technical background, is also certified behavioural instructor and has done extensive research in the areas of Creativity and developed his own tools of creativity.

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